“At home Art home”
Welcome to Japan’s first and southernmost scenic art museum, nestled in a sacred forest.
Nestled in the forest of the World Heritage site Sefa-utaki, the Nanjo Art Museum faces eastwards
where the sun rises and overlooks the ocean of Nirai Kanai (the sacred land of the gods in the Ryukyuan Shinto religion).
The museum blends into nature and the scenery of daily life and promotes an artistic lifestyle.
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Japan’s southernmost museum, alongside the sacred woods and ocean

The Nanjo Art Museum is the southernmost art museum in Japan, located in the Chinen region of Nanjo City, in the southern part of Okinawa’s main island. Nestled in the deep forest of Sefa-utaki, a World Heritage Site and the most sacred site of the Ryukyu Kingdom, the museum is situated in a perfect location, overlooking the ocean of Nirai Kanai (the sacred land of the gods in the Ryukyuan Shinto religion), where the sun rises, and resonates and blends in with the surrounding nature.

Beauty in everyday life. "At home Art home"
Japan's first scenic art museum that soothes and stimulates the senses

The Nanjo Art Museum fills, soothes and satisfies the fountain of inspiration of visitors and artists alike. The secret to this lies within its style as “Japan’s first scenic art museum”. We believe that art should not be a distant presence, but rather an intimate one. We have prepared six scenes in a style that has never been seen in conventional museums before, all based on the concept that “beauty exists in life, in living”. This style allows as many people as possible to experience and relate to the art.